keeping your garage organized with different types of shelving

Picking the right kind of shelving can help make the most of the space in your garage, keeping it organized and de-cluttered. But exactly what kind of shelving you use depends on what you need to store. It’s not just about size and bulk, but weight and frequency of use too. Many people find out only after installation that they could have used a combination of shelving types to get the job done. So, what are your shelving options in the garage?

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Wooden shelving options

Easy to work with and a good DIY weekend project, wood shelves are usually less expensive to create and done right look much more attractive. But deciding what you want out of wood shelves is key. Hardwoods such as oak or maple create a stylish, long-lasting, luxurious look and will complement a woodworking space, but are expensive.

Cheaper woods such as pine can be easily worked and are suitable for lighter items but will warp under heavy loads. A good alternative is a plywood or chipboard for heavier goods and pine shelves for lighter tools.

Metal and wire shelves

Metal shelves can be purchased cheaply and are inexpensive and strong enough to support heavy tools, paint cans, and car parts. However, what you buy is what you get and you won’t be able to cut them to size.

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By contrast, wire shelves are durable like metal garage shelving but do offer some customization options. However, they are not suitable for storing small items unless you are willing to add draws. But you can mix and match for the best of both worlds. Take a look at   Shelving Ireland options including sites like for more ideas.

Enclosed Shelves

If you really want to keep things nice and tidy, cabinet shelving is the best way to go. Hung from the wall or free standing, cabinets are great choices for those who like the tidy look but don’t always have time to tidy up.

We use garages as multi-purpose spaces, for storing vehicles, paint supplies and tools. Most people would like to optimize this space and find more of it and taking the time to consider what shelving material is right for you will help you choose the right shelves the first time around.