VW revealed summer accessories range

Many of Volkswagen’s vehicles have become pop culture icons over the years, with the German automaker keen to help fans to express their appreciation for popular models by supplying official accessories and merchandise. The line-up was revealed, so let’s take a look at some of the highlights.

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Cheap and cheerful

VW may be a premium brand, but this does not mean its accessories are overpriced; in fact, there are some real bargains joining the range this year, the cheapest of which is an ice cube tray that creates frozen representations of the original campervan.

Another new accessory that will not leave a big dent in your bank balance is a cookbook, also themed around the campervan, that provides recipes suitable for road trips and overnight stops.

The mug for hot drinks emblazoned with the slogan ‘I Love Bus’ will be a great way for budget-conscious lovers of the campervan to express themselves. Specialists can take things even further with full body conversions that add luxury touches to VW’s modern transporter vans. Customers of Welsh Coast Campers and similar firms can sip their coffee from this custom mug on board their new motor home.

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Premium products

At the other end of the scale in terms of cost, VW’s most recent accessories include a tent that is big enough to accommodate four people comfortably overnight and is adapted to resemble a classic campervan in the way its canvas is arranged. With an electric version of this camper also on the horizon – due for release in 2022 – this historic shape is not about to go out of style anytime soon.  This will include super technology features including Vehicle Tracking systems found at sites such as www.vehicle-accessories.net/vehicle-tracking/

Van drivers who need a hit of caffeine can snap up an in-cab espresso making machine that is compact enough to slot into the cup holder and draws power from the 12-volt socket that powers a number of other electronic accessories. This means it never matters if you are miles away from the nearest service station – simply brew you own hot drink.

You can now even buy deckchairs, towels, umbrellas, baseball caps and picnic blankets that pay homage to the classic VW camper, enabling you to accessorise your van in a way that is very on-brand. The full range can be found on the firm’s official site.