What can you transform into a pub?

What can you do when you love going to the pub but can’t always find time to make it to your favourite one? One beer enthusiast found a novel solution after finding himself too busy with work to get out and socialise as much as he wanted to by converting his VW camper van into a pub. Ben Levy worked on his van for months to create a fully functional, comfortable pub. The idea came from a friend of his, partly as a joke. Once the seed was planted, Ben set out to create something very special.

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Mobile pub

The van has a working optical bar, comfortable seating, and Ben has even added a dart board. There are also disco lights to create a party atmosphere, beer taps and a service bell customers can ring. The mobile pub has been christened the Dub Inn, and it features a 240-volt power supply. Now, instead of traipsing down to the pub after a long day at work, Ben and his mates regularly meet in the Dub Inn for a few pints and darts. Now imagine if Ben had got a run down tank and converted it into a bar.  Now that would be big, retro and would probably appeal to a lot of people.  If not Ben could always book a Tank Driving Experience through companies like armourgeddon who will allow you to drive a tank around a track for fun!

The re-birth of the camper van

Volkswagen recently announced it is producing a new electric van inspired by its famous camper van that is still so beloved by millions of enthusiasts around the world. According to the BBC, the new van will be on the market in 2022.

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Camper vans are still a common sight on the roads of the UK, around seaside areas in particular.  Campers can be seen all over Wales, and the camper van is also a frequent sight in Cornwall. Campers and camper vans in general offer a great way to explore the countryside and coastal areas of the UK, while providing the freedom to venture off the beaten track.

Ben’s pub attracted widespread attention after it was spotted at a VW show, and it has been shared on social media millions of times. Ben has taken advantage of his pub’s new-found fame to set up a new business, and he now rents out the camper van for special events like weddings and parties. The tiny pub can only seat four people inside comfortably, but Ben has added pub-style tables and chairs that can be set up alongside the van’s double doors, increasing the pub’s capacity.