Is the writing on the wall for your SEO provider?

SEO is a bit of a mystery. We know it is important, but we are not sure how to make the most of it. Fortunately, there are plenty of SEO providers out there that will handle your SEO needs, but this raises an important question. How do you know whether your provider is doing its job well? These five signs tell you it is time to consider changing provider.

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1: No progress

Progress can be hard to measure in SEO terms and can be slow to show at first, especially if you are not totally sure what you should be looking for. After a few months of working with your provider, however, a positive progress picture should emerge. You should see improvements in your domain authority, your ranking, and – most importantly – your organic search results. Don’t panic over a small fluctuation; blips happen. If there is no progress – or no explanation – you need to look elsewhere.

2: The strategy remains the same

SEO strategies have to change to keep up with technology, consumer trends, search engine alterations and legislation. A consistent strategy is a good thing; however, if your provider’s strategy hasn’t changed in years – if it has never suggested a change or an update – then ‘consistent’ is probably not the right word. ‘Stagnant’ might be better.

3: Bad links

Bad links don’t do anything for you and can even penalise you in the Google search rankings. They are, however, cheaper and easier to create than good links, which take time and effort. If your links are showing up in inappropriate contexts or in irrelevant places, they are not doing you any good. If your SEO provider can’t get you links in well-written, high-quality content on relevant admins, get another provider.

4: Poor content

SEO and quality content are inseparable. It’s that simple. If the provider’s content is no good, neither is the provider. A good knows content is integral to a successful website. If you need help with SEO services, you can try Professional SEO companies such as elevate uk

5: You don’t know what is happening

A good SEO provider will always let you know what its strategy is and whether it is working. It doesn’t matter whether you understand SEO – the provider does and should explain it to you. If it can’t, or won’t, find a provider that will.