The best way to warm up for rugby

Warm ups before rugby training or before a game are incredibly important to prevent injury. Any warm up should be planned in advance and not just decided on the day. If at all possible, warm ups should be kept the same, with only a few minor tweaks. Here we are going to look at the … Read more

The delights of the American Olympic Training Centre

It’s hard to remember an Olympic game that wasn’t dominated by the United States. No matter how high the competition manages to raise its game, they somehow find a way to match and surpass it. Image Credit For spectators, the Olympics start on an opening day, but for the athletes that take part, there has … Read more

Team Building in Sport: Lessons for Business

Looking to sport for valuable insight into how to achieve business success has become a common practice among business leaders who can see the obvious parallels between the two. According to the professional footballer Mark Roberts, who plays for the Lancashire-based league one team, Fleetwood Town, many of the principles that guide successful athletes and … Read more