How to feng shui a home office for maximum productivity

A mix of art and science, feng shui is essentially about improving your surroundings for a better life. Employing laws of energy and attraction to trigger desired feelings, it can make your home office a productive and positive place to work.

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Successful feng shui should harmonize with your personal and professional goals. It will ideally attract clients, boost business, create a happy workforce and generate wealth.

Below are some tips on improving your home office.

1 The optimal layout

Your desk should face the room’s entrance and exit – a ‘power’ position. Having your back to the door signifies anxiety. If your position isn’t ideal, hang a mirror so you can see who is coming and going.

2 Choose a suitable desk

Ensure that your desk is sturdy and in good condition. Wooden desks remind us of the natural world and are hard-wearing. Use drawers to minimize clutter.

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3 Appropriate office colours

Your best colors depending on your profession – an accountant choosing grey may play it safe compared to a graphic designer wanting vibrant tones, for example.

In general, white and pastels stimulate creativity, green is associated with growth, black is linked with money, and purple symbolizes clarity. If you are stressed, you should choose earth tones.

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4 Add some plants

Some pot plants will soothe your spirit and bring the natural world inside. Plants with red and purple blooms are good choices, while those with rounded leaves such as the Chinese money plant are auspicious. Succulents make an ideal desk accessory.

5 Get good lighting

Dark rooms are draining. While lots of natural light is best, you can supplement with some well-placed lamps, preferably with earth-toned shades to combat stress. Avoid fluorescent light bulbs, which sap energy.

6 Hang attractive art

Art lifts the spirits. Hang pictures of the people and places that inspire you, and consider putting up images of positive mantras.

7 Use calming scents

Feng shui uses scents to fight stress – citrus may perk you up on long days. A diffuser works ultrasonically to disperse essential oils into your surroundings.