Make your rented home feel like yours with 5 easy steps

Renting a property may be a short-term effort or something more permanent, but either way, it’s tricky to make it really feel like home. Every landlord is different, but in general, few will give permission for major or permanent changes to the décor or structure of the property.  A landlord may often have several places to check when tenants are moving in and out so the easier it is for them the better. They need to create systems for themselves to check each space to make sure it is suitable, in a good state of repair and looking fresh. One way they can do this is through a Property Inventory App that can be sourced through websites including

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This means you have to find a way to add some personal touches without getting into trouble, which is surprisingly easy when you know how. We have given some suggestions below to guide you in the right direction.

1. Invest in curtains, blinds or shades

Window dressings can make a huge difference to the way a room looks, adding colour and light to the darkest of areas or calmness and privacy to others.  It can make a huge difference choosing between curtains, blinds or shades so pick wisely.

2. Switch out the floor covering.

Ask permission to switch out any carpet for cheap laminate flooring. It’s modern and easy to care for, and it’s readily available.  Smaller spaces like bathrooms and kitchens really benefit from this kind of upgrade. It’s also really easy to keep clean and maintain so if the landlord agrees its a wise choice.

3. Jazz up the bed linen.

Fancy throw pillows or dramatic bedspreads that reflect your personality make any place seem more like home.

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4. Make a feature wall of photographs.

It’s a great way to keep family, friends, and memories close to hand. Check out the removable hanging options to avoid damage.  Blue tack and Sellotape can often leave traces of oil on the walls so try to avoid using these adhesives when attaching anything to the properties internal space.

5. Get some stylish storage options.

When renting is temporary, it’s easy to live out of boxes and suitcases, but functional and nice-looking storage cubes or units make you feel less like a squatter.