Don’t Upstage the Bride on her wedding day

Every woman loves a wedding, as it’s the most fabulous chance to dress up and feel really glamorous. A new dress, bag, shoes and hat need to be bought for the big day.  If you have all ready picked the Gloucester Hotel Wedding Venue that you want from sites including then maybe look at the layout and plan where certain props for your wedding will go for the bride to get the most exposure and no one else.

When choosing the special outfit, there needs to be that fine line between looking gorgeous and outdoing the bride. The bride will want her mother to look amazing. They are both going to be in a lot of photos or a video, so they will need to look absolutely beautiful. But the mother or mother-in-law needs to be aware that she is not going to be the centre of attention on the wedding day.

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This is even trickier with celebrity mothers of the bride, as many photographers – and some guests – will be focusing all their attention on the famous face. Celebrities can also have big egos and aren’t used to playing second fiddle, so the competition for being the ‘belle of the ball’ can get heated.

If you think this can’t happen, remember back to when Diana Ross turned up at her daughter Chudney’s wedding wearing a low-cut ivory designer gown.

Mothers of the Bride Feel Under Pressure

It’s not just celebrities who feel under pressure. A Daily Mail article states that one in ten mothers has thought about having cosmetic surgery or Botox for their child’s wedding.

Don’t Be a Mobzilla

Some mothers become so unbearable they have been dubbed ‘mobzillas’. So how do you make sure you don’t get too uppity on your little girl’s big day? The list of things not to do is endless and horrendous, including not wearing white, ivory or champagne, not getting drunk and not flirting with the staff, according to a CNN report.

Although the pressure of being mother of the bride can be enormous, some women manage to look beautiful and glamorous without competing with the bride. Think of Carole Middleton and Camilla at the wedding of Kate and Prince William, who looked chic and stylish but without dreaming of attempting to upstage the beautiful princess.

Capturing the perfect picture relies on utilising the right photographer, offer a bespoke service tailored to your wedding.  Wearing the right dress is one thing, capturing is another,

These tips will help you enjoy the wedding without the fear of making a massive faux pas on such an important occasion.