The best way to warm up for rugby

Warm ups before rugby training or before a game are incredibly important to prevent injury. Any warm up should be planned in advance and not just decided on the day. If at all possible, warm ups should be kept the same, with only a few minor tweaks. Here we are going to look at the different exercises that should be done in a rugby warm up.

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Warming up

The first thing any rugby player should do is get themselves actually warmed up. A great way to do this before doing any rugby training drills is to do some laps of the field. This also gives the player the chance to feel the condition of the pitch, see if they are wearing the appropriate kit and check if they need to change their boots. Some teams like to do a little game of rugby as well, to reduce the amount of pressure before a game and get a good warm up.

Increasing heart rate and stretching

Doing some footwork rugby training drills and some stretching helps a player to prepare their body for the game. This is also a great time to build more cohesion within the team. Stretching exercises can be done as a group.

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Handling the ball

Warming up passing and throwing is a must before any game. Building up awareness of the ball as you pass it within the team can help a player have better performance in the game. You can watch the latest rugby training drills at, including passing and handling drills.

Skills warm up

This is where the backs and forwards need to split up to work on their specific skills and moves. Practicing the skills you need during the game such as passing and moving around the field will help during the game.


Most of a rugby game is made up of defending as a team and as an individual. Part of the warm up time should be taken to prepare yourself for the tackling and controlling of the ball that takes place during a game. You should also practice your defensive alignment as a team.

Injecting fresh ideas into your team warm ups can lead to a much more successful game.